Makin seru!
Makin complicated!
Dont you know?

Rachel break up with Fin, got some trouble in NYADA *with her teacher!!!* and live with brody *hell yeah.. he’s million times HOTTER than Fin, or glee boys ever*

Kurt Work at Lima Beans, Break up with Blaine andddd got a new boy! Adam 🙂 I love adam.. and guess what, he’s now part of NY. Cool hihi~

Tina loves Blaine, and Blaine loves Sam!
Sam? he loves brittany 🙂 Brittany wins ha! *not mention to santana and quinn flings ;)*

Who’s Marley? Jake? Kitty? Lynn? i smell another triangle love!!!

Fin drop Navy *lupaa apa* and became Glee teacher. So do Santana, but she moves to new york. Ayeee..

Married was postpone, AGAIN!! *siapa hayooo*

Becky had her first third base *pentinggg*

New GF for Artie? She can sing..

More Quinn and Mercedes please!

Lagunya lumayan enak enak

here’s my favourite



p.s more episode to come. baru nonton ep.14 ihhhhh..