last year, i still lived on my “rent house” –> maksudnya ngekost gitu hehe…

i’m easily do everything what i want *in positive way, of course :p*, and for ex : i can support earth hour.

earth hour 2011

i’ll turn off my lamp, my netbook, fan, rice cooker, tv and my electric things without no one fuss about that. I just sat in front my windows, saw peoples pass by my rent house. it seems like ordinary night, except my room and some other friends room. just for an hour.

jekarta earth hour hehe *jakarta*
my earth hour
sidney earth hour

and this year, i’m home.

i dont think my parents like in earth hour idea *they’re support things about environtment, they not use plastic anymore, and sometime bring own tupperware for buying food* but turn off lamp for one hour, i think they’ll not agree. Me and them keep complaining if our house in “black out”, then why, when electricity on, we off  the lamp? kan gelaaaap *cetek ya :p*

the fact iiiis, i’m very underestimated to my parents *sorry dad, mom, i know you’re the BEST*.

that day, i was laying in my bed with my mom, watching TV.

suddenly, somebody just said “Earth Hour”.

my mom ask me,

Mom (M) : “what is earth hour, kak?” *my mom call me kakak or sister, my                                  nickname on house*

Me (N)     : “it is … like, we turn off light and electricity for one hour mom. to                           reduce emision of co2. so there is no global warming. everyone in                         the world do that mom, even obama, ban ki moon, rain do earth                             hour too” *asal bgt*

(M)            : “oh, like that. when is it?’ *my mom interested*

(N)             : “its saturday, on sunday night, 8.30 pm mom”

(M)            : “lets do it. i think its good”

(N)             : *shock* seriously? “i think, mom, you dont want do that. you dont                          like black out thing, right?”

(M)            : “it is right after nada cinta, right? im ok if it after that show. and if                           all the people in the world do, why not us?”

Dad (D)   : “we just go to the food court if we get stuck on house. Maybe  they                          not turn off their lamp, hehe”

(M)          : “or we just go sleeping”


i dont know my parents love that idea. so, this year, insya allah i will support earth hour (again). i hope that people in my hometown do that too, so we just sleep earlier that day.

so, people, let’s support earth hour on saturday, 26 march 2011!!

nah lho! matahari aja nyuport *lho?!*

(photo taking from google *lupaa nyomot di mana, thankyu 😦 *, thankyu*

and for you who asking,

Apa gunanya mati lampu 1 jam buat saya?

Jika 10% penduduk Jakarta matiin lampu pas EARTH HOUR, kita bisa hemat 300 MW = matiin 1 pembangkit listrik = nyalain 900 desa = hemat 267 ton CO2 = hemat 267 pohon (karena 1 pohon bisa hirup 1 ton CO2 dalam 20 tahun masa hidupnya) = lebih banyak O2 buat 535 orang!

it means that, if 10% jakarta people turn off the lights equals more oxygen for 535 people .

so dont just turn off the lights, eya eya ee .. * ngeganti liriknya enrique inglesias iniii hehe~*