on my previously post, i ever said that i want to watched UKISS mini concert in brastagi, medan on march 5.

in fact, sadly, im not went.  T T

it’s ok, i had another appointment todo, which was succes, so i’m not that feel bad.

and then i read article about the concert * i refused to read twitter that night for live update, envious mode*

previously on february 23, bad news comes as the withdrawal of alexander (@alexander_0729) and kim ki bum (@90kkb) *which turns out that their contract terminated, as their lacking performance, and i still dont know what criteria that they make to said the two are lack. sorry. i’m upset*. ok. moving on.

kibum contract terminated on january, so he didn’t came to medan. Alexander, which contract terminated on march 1st, to fulfill the concert contract were perform that night.

and it be the last concert of him as UKISS.

both member and fans are burst in tears.

alexander gave out his last speech thanking the group and kiss me’s for support. it ended with group hug onstage.

i wish i saw that.. part of legend

i wish i saw that.

and now, all that i know alexander are in project with 3rdwave (aww my siwon!!) and ki bum are busy with his piro piro bussiness.

well, good luck for you two! i still love and support everything that you do.


and now, i’m telling you the biggest part.

the boys.

in march 30 they will release their 5 mini album!! Bran new kiss. isn’t that a good news?

they had completed 2 position in band, with AJ and Hoon as the new member.

cute eliiii,, why is kevin looking so sad?
dongho like dools🙂

look, they had dandy concept, with colorfull and show their playfullness. and their outfit are cuuuute. i love eli orange hair btw, he seems funnier. and dongho, he looks like dolls >o<

i'm already pre order one copy, so i can have the posters and 48p photobook. i love their album material in UKISS breaktime *except that i didn’t get the posters, sigh T T* so i think this mini album worth to have!

kyooooptaaaaa ^o^

here’s the tracklist :

01. It’s Time (Intro)
02. 0330 (Title)
03. Words That Hurt Me… *i’m kinda love this title*
04. Every Day
05. I Don’t Understand
06. Miracle

and the teaser :


and as they said, their has transformed a lot musically. For this mini album they break the stereotype of their song like addictive choreography, autotune and powerfull performances. Even AJ and dongho parcitipated in writing the song *i dont know what track is*

let’s just pray they will won some mutizen! *they said they want to receive a shower of flowers when the mc’s say they’re #1*

the boys are working so hard, they deserve it ^^

*sorry for my lacking grammar, police grammar jangan tangkap nad yaaaa*

(photos taken from allkpop, koreaboo, member twitter)